An innovative, cost effective insurance solution for Companies & Individuals in the Games Industry.

S-Tech have been looking after clients within the Games Industry for a long time.


We understand the challenges and risks you face and are here to help.

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As TIGA members you will receive the following benefits from S-Tech:


  • Exclusive & comprehensive cover arranged at a competitive premium with well-known insurers

  • Dedicated and Experienced Personnel looking after your account

  • Help and support from our Claims team

  • Premium discounts

You don't have to be a member of TIGA to get a quote, but as well as the above did you know that being a member of TIGA:


  • Helps increase your profile and ensures you will be better connected

  • You will receive professional business advice and information

  • You will have an unrivalled champion in the media and in political circles

  • They run a significant number of events enabling you to network with your peers

  • You will have access to various service providers at discount rates 


For further information on TIGA please contact Vanessa Joyce at to discuss in more detail.

I am delighted to announce that Silver sponsor GameS-Tech will be presenting the award for Best Start Up . So much of TIGA’s work in the UK is about supporting young companies, we’re delighted to be able to recognise the incredible talent we have here in the UK through this award.


TIGA is delighted to have supported GameS-Tech in the creation of their insurance product, which is specifically designed to meet the needs of the games industry. The UK video games industry is a fast moving sector which needs quick, flexible and responsive insurance solutions to meet the various insurance needs of individuals, studios and companies. We will encourage all our members to use this service.


Dr. Richard Wilson CEO, TIGA